Respect for nature and organic farming

Love and respect for nature are the basis of our work: that’s the reason why we chose not to use chemicals in the production process. For over thirty years, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides have been banned from our company. It has been challenging, but this choice allowed us to produce an high- quality organic wine. Nature doesn’t use shortcuts, nor do we.

Cantine Polidori since 1938

Our history

In 1938, Nello Polidori decided to plant the first three hectares of vineyards, which revealed themselves an excellent intuition. It was the beginning of an adventure that still lasts today.

Between 1968 and 1971, the company has been led by the son Carlo, which brought the production to 33 hectares. In a time when organic farming was still a bit bogged down, its farsighted pioneer instinct led him to choose wisely. The farm received the “Denomination of Origin (DOC)” award in 1979. With the beginning of organic production, the vineyards were reduced to 25 hectares, and in 1984 the conversion to organic production began, facilitated by the fact that the company had already stopped using pesticides since 1968. Carlo and his family had also transferred their residence to the estate, safeguarding it from the use of harmful chemically synthesized substances.

Since 1999, the daughter Lauretta, an agronomist, enologist and sommelier, leads the farm. She passionately renewed the experience of those who preceded her through a patient work of interpretation and reconversion of ancient practices, in the light of current oenological techniques.

The various award gained over the years are merely the expression of the love of the Polidori family for their land. Work and harmony, in a profound continuity between past and present, represent the Quality Protocol of the “Colle del Sole” farm.

Our products

A wide range of products, all obtained from high-quality organic grapes.